Mickey (5)Estogarato or Es-chan also known as Nana was a cosplayer, former bassist, former digital artist and former vlogger. She is currently a freelance fashion and gravure model, photographer and an aspire writer in Metro Manila who began her life and journey in 2011. She was well-known in the cosplay community around 2011-2015 and was posting vlogs, dance cover and cosplay makeup trial online through her old YouTube channel (2015-2016).

Nana joined the alternative rock band called “School Rumble Band” and later was renamed to “Alexia in Manila” back in 2011 where she does bass and sub vocals. During that time, she created an alter-ego of the band called “MD9999” where they play heavy metal music. Nana later joined a band from her college called “NeetNac” around 2013 where they perform in Padayon 2014 at their school.

Nana has also released her stories/manga in Komikon back in 2014-2015.

In 2016, Nana graduated college under Bachelors Degree of Business Administrator Major in Operations and Management.

In 2018, Nana went back to college to take Communication Arts to pursue her ideal career. She finished the first semester and decided to focus on writing her upcoming novel. Nana still does compose and write songs.