Blog#10: All About You


Dear T. Wallenberg Jr.,

I cannot remember when was the last time we have spoken. When I look up the sky, I still think of you. You’re a little star that I always look up on and sometimes I wonder if you look down on me. I still have a little hope inside of me that one day you will be back. But I will be stupid if I did wait. I don’t think of you but everything is just stuck inside my mind and here I am right where you want me to be.

I sometimes wonder if you still remember me or maybe watch me secretly just to check if I’m okay or how miserable I am now. I feel better than I deserve but sometimes I feel like I deserve more. But the world is not very gentle with me. But I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re happy. Are you doing well? Do we have a chance to meet? I hope you can hear me. I miss you dreadfully. I wish you just waited for me, but you can’t. I have moved on, but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget you. You’ll always be inside my heart even if I forget your name, your face or your voice. Part of you will be here with me. Goodbye.

Sincerely yours,

Nana R.


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