Saiyuki (最遊記 Saiyūki) Cosplay

Here are some throw back pictures from 2013.
Lirin was one of my favourite cosplay despite the fact that her boots hurt my leg.
I had a hard time walking.
I tried my best to portray her as much as possible and even had her two bells ponytail at the back of the wig but you can’t see it. I had troubles with the nails and ears because it kept dropping. It was a pain in the ass.

My friend/brother, Raven portrayed the awesome Genjo Sanzo!

We know that Genjo Sanzo has purple eyes but Raven has sensitive eyes but he did a great job in these photos.

Saiyuki_Bernard_Garbo (3)


Saiyuki_Eric_DC (4)

I cosplayed Lirin in cosplay conventions too but it was hard because of the boots made me a hard time walking around and it was tiring. I hated it too when my ears kept dropping. Hahaha! (^o^)

Saiyuki_Bernard_Garbo (1)

Genjo Sanzo is ready to shoot me!

Awesome shots by Sir Bernard Garbo and Eyestrain!


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