Blog#8: Wednesday Off

Today was fun! Two rides way to my favorite store called Fully Booked in BGC. It was a hassle especially the train was crowded of ignorant people. But anyhow, I spent my day reading, eating and hanging out with a good friend.
img_20180926_1152521754138837664260693.jpgAnd of course, Starbucks is a good place to read and drink. A girl is thirsty and Fully Booked has Starbucks upstairs. Hahaha! I wanted to avoid Starbucks because it is too expensive and yet here I am being fancy.

img_20180926_1149518819186336667456420.jpgDollars for a tip!

img_20180926_1222372521812504453648267.jpgI spent most of the time finishing Game of Thrones Book II.
I even re-watch the show over and over and I never got tired of it.
Some parts of the books are awesome and some part of the show is much more better!

I will never ever get tired of this place. Expensive books but totally worth it.
The lanterns you see hanging are from recycled papers. It’s very creative.


If you have your Game of Thrones book then…
photogrid_15379420274115377219134023628782.jpgYou should also have your Lannister sling bag!
And yes, I am a Lannister. I love Tyrion but I admire Cersei.
She is a true player of Game of Thrones.

img_20180926_1341541437547868852891779.jpgI got new books today! I bought The Map of Chaos by Felix J. Palma. Didn’t found the rest of the trilogy. Hopefully they will be available soon. I actually have read The Map of the Sky and it was a hard covered book. I found it from Book Sale and got it for a very cheap price. I end up sending it to a friend in Pennsylvania.

The rest of the books, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green & Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins was a gift from a friend that he got from a book convention.

img_20180926_1411088359049666878834015.jpgimg_20180926_1411238626465445656846128.jpgThe rest of the day is all about food. I had this delicious pancakes but I sort of got fed up because it was too sweet. Hahaha!

The nutella made me weary but I did enjoy calling the maple syrup as Canada.
Have I ever told you how much I love to eat?
My stomach gets full easily but I really do love to eat.
This bacon strips are my refreshment because…
I have another chocolate to eat.
As I write this… my stomach is in pain either I am full or I need to let it out.
Sorry! You don’t need to know that. Peace! v(^^)v



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