Blog#7: I Must REST


Nyah! I love my new dress. Thanks to my awesome friend who helped me picked this up in Forever21!🛒🛍️


It was my niece’s 1st birthday celebration last September 15. She was born September 14 but we decided to celebrate around weekends so that everyone will be available. I am not always available every weekends but I was able to file a vacation leave for her. 🎂🎉



Pirate theme!!! I love the cupcakes. 🎁


Thanks to the birthday party and my brother renting a resort. I was able to enjoy my weekend and got a splashed in the pool. 🏊😊



I deserve to eat good! After all these time I was stressing myself because of work, school and life. 😔😔😔


I’ve been busy in school and we have recently had a recording session for our radio drama broadcast. 📻 It will be broadcast in our school Facebook page. Bummer though. I don’t have any Facebook profile anymore.😂


I am very adorable today. 😍 I look like a child. Please stay like this! Hahaha! 😂😂😂


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