Blog#5: Soul Searching

I’ve been really depressed for almost 2 months now. I haven’t been thinking clearly too.
I just want everything to be over and feel okay. So I decided to go out-of-town to unwind. I had to lie to my parents that I’ll be going in a team building, but the truth is… I was alone. I wanted to be alone even just once. I want to think clearly and see my favorite view.

After school, I went home to get my stuffs and went on my journey. I forgot to bring my ukulele with me but that’s okay. Less baggage. The travel hours were like two hours from the bus station to my destination if you left around afternoon. I was a little bit scared but that’s alright.

There we go… I went sight-seeing in Picnic Grove and was able to enjoy to see nature. I felt free for the first time. I wasn’t worried at all.

Down there is Batangas. I’ve been inside the crater of Taal. It was very beautiful inside there, but seeing Taal from afar is so much better for me. It’s like seeing the whole world so clearly.

I can’t say that I found some answers, but it cleared my mind.

The dogs are friendly too.

This little Bob kitty approached me.


I didn’t stay for too long. I was worried with the cash that I had that time. But it doesn’t matter at all. I was able to see one of my favorite places. One of my favorite places that I’ve always wanted to show you.


It was early in the morning. The food stalls there are not yet available around 8:00.
I was sort of hungry.


Not planning to jump! I swear!


Crossing the bridge.


I decided to eat fancy that day. Starbucks is one of my favorite places there. Because I can see Taal from where I was, but apparently I can’t enjoy the view anymore because there’s a construction right in front of the view. (T_T) I decided to go inside instead.

After enjoying my cup off chocolate. I went back to Picnic Grove.

I love the wind. It was a little cold. My legs are cold since I was only wearing jumper shorts. I had my green scarf with me which is not my favorite colour btw.



This chicken is totally chicken me out. Lol

I rode the Ferris wheel that cost at least ₱150.00 and it was not worth it at all.



I had to look at the view one more time before I leave. After seeing Taal one more time while I was in the Ferris wheel. I smiled and took my leave.

After leaving Tagaytay, I went to Trinoma and eat my favorite ramen.
I had vanilla ice cream with liquor for dessert!!! I had no company that time. I was trying to contact a friend but apparently… no answer. But that’s okay!

The next time I’ll travel alone. I’ll make sure I have more time off. The plan was to run away but I had good news with me to take home. (^_^)



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