Choices: Desire & Decorum (Review)

The story is all about Clara Mills (default name) where she found out from her dying mother that she’s a daughter of an earl and one of the most eligible heiresses in England.

Of course, I chose to use my name on the story. I actually don’t have any interest on this book since I’m saving my diamonds for Blood Bound and Senior books. Somehow it caught my attention when I opened my Choices App. and I will definitely will look forward for future chapters! The story and idea are great!

I like the new designs in this story and I finally see new faces that I can pick. I also like my MC’s hairstyle choices but I chose to buy a hairstyle for her to match it to the cover and make her simple, neat and beautiful.

It kind of disappoint me that I can’t customize my love interest. Ernest Sinclaire is a tsundere and his appearance is not really my type but I did flirt with him since I “assume” that there are limited choices for love interest in the future unlike Blood Bound where our MC had multiple boyfriends/girlfriends that you can flirt all at one time.  Well this is just the start and I read that there will be multipe suitors in the future (hope so). I’m still hoping that there’s another hot and bad ass character that will arrive in the future chapters. You know… like coughs Jax Matsuo coughs Zigmund Ortega coughs.

This story is a little bit cheesy and somehow I can see that our MC will become like Cinderella only with the father alive and not being able to notice that some characters there are being rude to MC (e.g. Theresa Sutton called her a bastard and her step-mom’s attitude during dinner). Well I do understand that they need to be courteous and respectful during dinner (if that’s how it works) but we’re talking about being a dad. You’re supposed to be protective! It’s not spoon-feeding. Lol.

Anyhow, in second chapter a new love interest was introduced, Luke Harper. However, he is not also my type, but he is sweet and has a nice personality than Ernest Sinclaire. He sort of gave us some details about his life unlike Mr. Sinclaire which makes me intrigued now and makes me wanna know more about Mr. Sinclaire.

In this chapter, the challenges and responsibilities of our MC was introduced. Her father declared that she is now truly a lady and is in line inheriting Edgewater.

Well that’s it for now. Check out the game on your own and make sure to use “diamonds” to unlock good stories or maybe unlock a bonus scene at the end of the book.




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