Blog#2: My Day (I cut my hair!!!)


Today is my day off and I had 12 hours sleep last night. (*´∇`*)💖 I feel very alive at the same time weak because I missed dinner last night. (╯_╰) I only ate two small pandesal with nutella this morning and I was starving. Before meeting my friend I had to do some errands like sending a post card to my friend abroad but apparently I was pissed because they had no change for my cash so I left and paid my bills instead and left way to see my friends. ʕ•ε•ʔ


I was starving to death. (✖﹏✖) And eating delicious ramen saved me. (⌒o⌒)

Here I am in fast forward eating my delicious ramen. Pardon if I am making weird and sniffing faces on the video. (╯_╰)


Thank you my friend for the delicious ice cream. My friend got a cotton candy ice cream and I got dark chocolate with delicious chocolate coated cone. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ It was so nice to relax!!! `(*∩_∩*)′ ❤❤❤



Here is a fast forward video of me eating my ice cream! (*´∇`*)


I end up hanging out with our other friends but they needed to go. I went back to the post office to send my letter abroad.


I end up watching Ant-man & Wasp alone. No spoilers will be posted!!! I promise!


As usual it is a funny movie with awesome cinematography and cast. (。・ω・。) We got another cast from DC. 😺😸😽 And also the mid-credits was so intense. Don’t missed it. Hopefully we will see Scott Lang in the Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. 🐜🐜🐜


By end of the day, I made my decision. Cutting my hair was a pretty big deal for me, but I needed it. I want to have a big change and move forward with my life. I wanna be happy again. All of my emotions and sad memories were stored with my hair and I need to let go. Deep inside I maybe waiting for something but I have to be strong and move on with my life. Hopefully something good will happen to me and to all other people out there! (p^ェ^q)

Thank you so much for the power!


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