Ayabie -彩冷える- IS BACK!


We’ve been waiting for this for 8 years and finally Aoi from 彩冷える & AYABIE has been reunited (again since Aoi joined AYABIE performing as Ayabie 彩冷える on 2012). Fandom has been arguing this for years about the issue of Ayabie and Tokuma Management. But hey! Forget about the past and moved on. They are back from hiatus and I’m very excited to hear them play together.

【Virgin Snow Color-Final Season-開催決定!!】will be held in Zepp Tokyo on January 12, 2019. Tickets will be sold on August 24th. Standing seat cost ¥6000 if paid advanced but if it’s on the same day it would ¥6500 and for reserved seat in the 2nd floor cost ¥8000.


KNZ, Yumehito, Aoi, Intetsu & Takehito

Please also support them by buying their merchandise and photo book that will be soon available so keep checking their official twitter and website!

Oh my god! Aoi is so handsome and Yumehito is so cute! Yumehito usually replies on my twitter messages back 2011 or 2012. Good old times! I wish I still have the screenshots to show. Some fans got jealous of me when Yumehito responded to me thrice that day. Well I usually message him weird stuffs like “How many skirts do you have?” and Yumehito responded “∑(´A` )/” Well something similar to that but I am sure it’s a surprise emoticon. I did ask Ryohei the same question and he answered that his company keeps a warehouse of them. (Just sharing!)

Update: I did found the old conversation and it cracks me.

Yume is one of the best despite the fact that sometimes he doesn’t understand my Japanese.


Of course! I will never ever forget our handsome drummer, KNZ. (/^o^)/
It made me sad when he left AYABIE but now I am so happy that he rejoined the band!

More information in their website ayabie.info


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